With the «Porc des Blés Noirs», find the taste of the pork of yesteryear

Praised by the chefs, our meat « Porc des Blés Noirs » guarantees the pleasure in your plate: a meat of quality and character. Its organoleptic qualities will magnify your recipes and give you a juicy, tender and tasty meat. Its intra muscular fat content gives the meat a tenderness and a melting that will delight your taste buds. Far from the standards of the pork meat market, our « Porc des Blés Noirs » will give you back the taste of good traditional pork. The Filet mignon, shoulder, rack, roast ... will reveal all their flavors in different recipes as proposed by the chefs and your family recipes.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from your butcher to choose the most suitable pieces for your recipes. The « Porc des Blés Noirs » : the unshakable certainty of pleasure on your plate

Anthony Avoine


Manoir Lan Kerellec

" I decided to cook the Porc des Blés Noirs within the manor for its local breeding but also for its particular taste, a taste of traditional farm pork which is very pleasant, and that cannot be found among other varieties of pigs.
I like cooking it with seaweed for example. But also, as natural as possible given its subtle taste that brings us back to our childhood. It is also a Breton product that is naturally associated with black wheat to enhance the taste of this pork, which is partly fed with black wheat.
So, I decided to add the Porc des Blés Noirs to the menu of the Manor. Because it is a product that we are not used to see on the menu of a gourmet restaurant. It is important for me to highlight it through a beautiful plate. It allows me to highlight the good farmer taste, the tenderness of the meat, its mellowness as well as its small after-taste of buckwheat which is very interesting. For all these reasons I chose this beautiful product."

" I work in a pub where we are used to work large pieces of meat and especially pork. The approach of the breeders of « Porc des Blés Noirs » interested us immediately. We strive to work with small local producers and we liked this qualitative meat.
At the Tire-Bouchon, we mainly cook the pork shoulder from « Porc des Blés Noirs ». During the cooking, we quickly noticed the difference of this meat at the level of texture and fat, which are much more diffuse and melted in the meat. The chops are very tender with a subtle taste of hazelnut.
We cook these pieces with as much cooking time as possible, over medium heat in a vaulted oven. This allows the cooking steam to come down again, like a stew. This way of cooking guarantees a very tender and juicy meat. It is usually associated with potatoes or simply with seasonal vegetables. The meat of the « Porc des Blés Noirs » is sufficient itself. "

Jean-Baptiste Philau


Le Tire-Bouchon

Black wheat

The introduction of black wheat into the cycle of our cultures is the result of meditation based on a strong environmental approach:
Black wheat is an ancestral Breton crop: it is a seed that does not goes through any treatment, herbicide or pesticide. Its life cycle is simply punctuated by the rain and the sun.
During the summer, its small flowers line the fields and attract pollinators which feed a diversified fauna, guarantor of a healthy and balanced biodiversity.
For the animal, buckwheat pods are high in fiber and provide balance through a slow growth. For the human the benefits are also positive. Its flour is gluten free, rich in fiber and minerals, B vitamins, and antioxidants.

Pork nutrition

We work for the production of a high-quality French pork and have worked with passion for several generations. We produce the « Porc des Blés Noirs » with the interest of nourishing people in the best possible way. For our animals, we work exclusively with a diet produced on the farm based on cereals and 100% French proteins. Famous for its nurturing qualities, it is on our Breton lands that we sow and harvest the majority of the various cereals (wheat, barley, maize, rapeseed, ...). That ensures us the traceability and origin of the feed given to our animals.

The Project

Concerned about the quality of the meat that we produce and therefore, the future of the pork industry, we are committed to developing a different meat with a re-found good taste. What drives us every day is the pleasure of our consumers. Our Breton farms guarantee you a flawless traceability and an origin 100% French!

Our values

A citizen engagement: breeder’s nowadays

Today, being a breeder is having the will to produce and work in short circuit with partners geographically close to us. Thus, we live and animate a local economic fabric: respect for people and land is our driving force. We are introducing a new circular economy orientation to support the transformation of our agricultural model. It is in a team spirit that we want to coordinate our efforts to better feed people.
Today, being a breeder is much more as the agricultural population, which represents 2.5%, feeds the rest of the population with its production.
Today, being a breeder is thinking of tomorrow and working for the renewal of generations. Because we know the hardness of the job, and we want to accompany, carry and create facilities for young breeders.

A quality approach: committed breeder

Being a breeder today is the responsibility to provide a high-quality sanitary production.
We work with the strictest French standards and go even further: by producing ourselves the feed of our animals, excluding GMOs and reducing the administration of antibiotics. We work towards a growing respect for animals and work on our breeding models to evolve our relationship with animals.

Towards more equity : breeder for a reasoned consumption at a fair price

We are striving for the good eating. This good eating is an integral part of our French culture, and should not be at the expense of members in the production and distribution chain. Also, we want to work as close to our consumers as possible, and inform them about which is fair price for a quality meat, produced locally, distributed in short circuit and in respect of the parties engaged.

An exceptional meat: passionate breeder

« Porc des Blés Noirs » assures you a frank quality: tenderness and juiciness will be at the rendezvous on each of your purchases, seeking to magnify your recipes and stimulate your imagination for dishes always tastier. The quality of our meat is perennial and constant.

Brittany, our heart
and our land

We are Breton pig breeders rooted on our Brittany lands on family farms: it is thanks to these lands of legends, where seafarers and peasants have lived together for centuries, that we transmit our values and our attachment to local gastronomy. Come discover our region. A region with many advantages for breeding: propitious to cereal crops and reviving the culture of black wheat.

The Recipes

Preparation of the meat

Remove bones from the rack and make 150g portions. Season with salt and pepper. Roll them in a clingfilm and cook for 2h40 under vacuum at 53 ° C.

Keep the bones of the rack to make a roasted juice. Brown the bones with oil, add 1 carrot and 1 chopped onion, deglaze with the red wine, let reduce and moisten with cold water, cook 2:30 and filter this juice.

Make a puree of Jerusalem artichokes, peel and cut them in half, fry them with a clove of garlic crushed in a saucepan, wet with water, cook for about 20 minutes and mix.

Preparation of vegetables

Cooking of crunchy vegetables: cook in boiling salted water. 4 minutes of cooking for the green ones and 5 minutes for the carrots.

Make a crust of black wheat by mixing in the blender 100g of kasha, 80g of butter and 80g of brown breadcrumbs. Spread between 2 sheets of baking paper and put in a cool place.

Make crisps of Jerusalem artichoke : cut thin slices of Jerusalem artichokes with the Japanese mandolin and fry them at 160 ° for 40 seconds.

Roast the rack of pork after vacuum cooking in a pan with butter and thyme, add a strip of the black wheat crust on the rack and finish cooking for 4 minutes in the oven at 180 ° C.

Rack of « Porc des Blés Noirs », Jerusalem artichokes and crunchy vegetables

  • 1 rack of pork fed with black wheat

  • 1 Carrot, 2 Jerusalem artichokes, 100g Kasha

  • 80g of butter, 80g of brown breadcrumbs, Thyme

  • 1 Onion and 1 garlic clove

Preparation of the meat

Put the pork shoulder with its bone in slow and soft cooking to maintain the tenderness and juiciness of the meat.

Arrange in a baking dish, season with salt and pepper/p>

Put the dish in the oven at 160 ° C (th 5) for at least 2 hours for a loin of about 1.5 kg.

Put the shoulder aside, remove excess fat from the dish in order to prepare the sauce. For this, put the dish on the fire and add a diced onion and water to get a roast juice: sauce that will accompany the dish.

Preparation of vegetables

Celery: wash it then wrap it in foil for baking at medium temperature for 2h

Parsnips: peel and cut into pieces. Blanch them then brown them in butter

Parsley roots and salsify: brush them then blanch them and finally brown them with butter

Place a selection of all these vegetables on the plate, then add a few inches of Mizuna, winter purslane and roquette

Pork shoulder with winter vegetables

  • 1 Pork shoulder roast 1,5 kg

  • Parsnips, Celery, Parsley Roots, Scorzonera (or Black Salsify)

  • Mizuna, winter purslane and roquette

  • 1 Onion


Florence et Sébastien Delalande

Les Broussettes


Jean-Paul Lancien

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Philippe Raoult